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[update: back up. whew. back to our regularly scheduled programming.]

[update: just talked to our registrar on the phone and they say it’ll probably take an hour or two for the DNS to catch up again, but then everything should be OK. I would highly recommend PairNIC—their support was awesome.] is down because I (Bob) forgot to renew the domain. I just renewed it, so at least we won’t lose it. Hopefully everything will start routing again—the content is still there to be served on GitHub.

5-year anniversary

It was registered 5 years ago, roughly concurrently with our first release in August 2012. Time sure flies.

It just lapsed today, but I was able to renew. We’ll get this under better management going forward with the rest of our assets.

Backup web site?

I don’t know if we can run in the meantime—we should be able to, but I don’t know how to configure that or what the switching back and forth times are, so it may not be worth it.

Single points of failure

This is really terrible for us since almost everything we do is now run out of the web site (other than GitHub, so we can keep coding, but our users can’t get anything).


  1. Andrew says:


    I guess the website wasn’t down for long! I just checked and it seemed fine to me.

  2. Mark says:

    I can see it too. No problems at all.

  3. Listen, if you want to give us a scare just say that Christmas has been canceled; don’t tell us that is gone! :-)

  4. Stephen Martin says:

    Could just post the IP address the DNS routes to, no? Or does the host not allow for that?

  5. Ted says:

    You can renew a domain for 10 years. I think the stan community will fund that for you.

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