Update: Usage guidelines

We basically just followed Apache’s lead.

It’s official

“Stan” is now a registered trademark. For those keeping score, it’s

The Stan logo (see image below) is also official

No idea why there are serial numbers for the image and registration numbers for the text. Ask the USPTO

How to refer to Stan

Please just keep writing “Stan”. We’ll be using the little ® symbol in prominent branding, but you don’t have to.

Thanks to NumFOCUS

Thanks to Leah Silen and NumFOCUS for shepherding the application through the registration process. NumFOCUS is the official trademark holder.

“Stan”, not “STAN”

We use “Stan” rather than “STAN”, because “Stan” isn’t an acronym. Stan is named after Stanislaw Ulam.

TM version of logoThe mark is rendered as “STAN” on the USPTO site. Do not be fooled! The patent office capitalizes everything because the registrations are case insensitive.

The image submitted for the trademark (shown above) is black and white. So far, we’ve always used color—on the web site, manual, t-shirts, stickers, etc.

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    • Just to be clear here, since someone else asked me offline, this just covers the use of the name.

      Software is copyright by its author as soon as it’s written (at least in the U.S.). We only require people BSD license (or GPL in the case of some interaces) their work so that the combined project can be distributed under a BSD license.

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