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Postdoc in Finland with Aki

I’m looking for a postdoc to work with me at Aalto University, Finland.

The person hired will participate in research on Gaussian processes, functional constraints, big data, approximative Bayesian inference, model selection and assessment, deep learning, and survival analysis models (e.g. cardiovascular diseases and cancer). Methods will be implemented mostly in GPy and Stan. The research will be made in collaboration with Columbia University (Andrew and Stan group), University of Sheffield, Imperial College London, Technical University of Denmark, The National Institute for Health and Welfare, University of Helsinki, and Helsinki University Central Hospital.

See more details here


  1. Andrew says:

    Cool! (And I mean that literally.)

  2. I edited “University of Columbia” to “Columbia University” (it’s not located in Columbia); the full name is “Columbia University in the City of New York”. Maybe they figured people would think it was in a place called “Columbia” or in a city other than New York (lots of duplicate university names and strange ones here).

    And what’s GPy? Is it a descendant of GPstuff?

    • Aki Vehtari says:

      Oops! I know it’s Columbia University! Sorry and thanks for correcting it!

      GPy is Python GP software by Sheffield University Machine Learning group. GPy is gradually improving and I hope it will soon the most important features already in GPstuff :)

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