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The Access to Justice Lab at Harvard Law School: Job Openings!

Jim Greiner writes:

The Access to Justice Lab is a startup effort, initially supported by the Laura and John Arnold Foundation with sufficient funds for three years, headed by Jim Greiner at Harvard Law School. The Lab will produce randomized control trials (“RCTs”) directly involving courts and lawyers, particularly in the areas of access to justice and court administration (including agency adjudication). It will also combat the legal profession’s current hostility to RCTs through short courses, publications, presentations, and other methods. The Lab is hiring a Research Director, a Research Associate (Field), and a half-time Research Associate (Data). Lab personnel will be trained to, and expected to, produce their own interventions and RCTs After sufficient time, Lab personal will be invited to create their own self-sustaining research agendas at other institutions (including legal academia). To view positions descriptions and to apply, please use the links below. Contact Jim Greiner, jgreiner(at), for further information.
Research Director Access to Justice Lab:
Research Associate (Field) Access to Justice Lab:
Research Associate (Data) Access to Justice Lab:

Cool! Just watch out for that Laurence Tribe guy running around in the hallways screaming about Obama burning the Constitution. Bluntly put, the guy needs a newly created DOJ position dealing with the rule of law. Pronto.

P.S. For my own views, positive on negative, on randomized clinical trials, see this 2011 article.


  1. p says:

    The link in the P.S.

  2. Rahul says:

    A quote from your 2011 article defending observational studies:

    “Observational studies can also be interpreted causally when attached to assumptions which can be attacked or defended on their own terms.”

    The practical problem seems to be that the message that lingers & gets disseminated widely & that people seem to remember is always the causal conclusion. Period.

    The assumptions never seem to propagate as a part of the package.

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