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What joker put seven dog lice in my Iraqi fez box?

New Sentences For The Testing Of Typewriters (from John Lennon):

Fetching killjoy Mavis Wax was probed on the quay.

“Yo, never mix Zoloft with Quik,” gabs Doc Jasper.

One zany quaff is vodka mixed with grape juice and blood.

Zitty Vicki smugly quipped in her journal, “Fay waxes her butt.”

Hot Wendy gave me quasi-Kreutzfeld-Jacob pox.

Jack’s pervy moxie quashed Bob’s new Liszt fugue.

I backed Zevy’s qualms over Janet’s wig of phlox.

Tipsy Bangkok panjandrums fix elections with quivering zeal.

Mexican juntas, viewed in fog, piqued Zachary, killed Rob.

Jaywalking Zulu chieftains vex probate judge Marcy Quinn.

Twenty-six Excedrin helped give Jocko quite a firm buzz.

Racy pics of bed hijinx with glam queen sunk Val.

Why Paxil? Jim’s Bodega stocked no quince-flavor Pez.

Wavy-haired quints of El Paz mock Jorge by fax.

Two phony quacks of God bi-exorcize evil mojo.


  1. derek says:

    I think "Wavy-haired quants of El Paz" is funnier, because I like the image of quantatitive analysts with wavy hair, faxing.

  2. dWj says:

    Does "Racy pics of bed hijinx with glam queen sunk Val." have a 'z'? Actually, I don't think the first sentence does, either. Maybe the z isn't important.

  3. Sam R. says:

    "Fetching killjoy…" and "Racy pics…" are missing 'z.'

    These do have quite a bit more zing than the tired old brown fox and dog, but for my money I'll stick with "The big plump jowls of zany Dick Nixon quiver."

  4. Tommy says:

    "Racy pics of bed hijinx with glam queen sunk Val." This has no letter "z."

  5. Andrew Gelman says:

    Derek: It has to be "quints" for the "i".

    Sam: The Nixon one's good.

  6. danny says:

    There is an 'i' in 'wavy-haired', so it could be 'quants'.

  7. Phil says:

    Which of Bayes, Cox, Gelman, do junk stats: z, p, q, t, var?