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Uncle Woody

I came across this picture posted by Steve Hulett on the Animation Guild blog:


(See here for a bigger image.) Uncle Woody (he was born in 1916 and was named after Woodrow Wilson. It could’ve been worse–his sister Lucy was named after Luther Burbank, and her full name is Lutheria) worked in animation–we were always told that he drew the “in-between” drawings for cartoons–and worked on promotions for Topps gum for many years:


Wacky Packs were the biggest thing when I was in elementary school but I never knew that Uncle Woody had worked on them.

One Comment

  1. Phil Price says:

    I remember Wacky Packs. I had a school notebook that was covered in them, must have been 4th grade or so. When my parents moved while I was in grad school, I went back to sort through my old stuff to decide what to keep. I came across that notebook, and stupidly discarded it. I wish I had kept it so I could display it in my office.