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Our new R package: R2jags

I have got emails occasionally from JAGS users, asking about our new R package: R2jags. Basically, R2jags runs JAGS via R and makes postanalysis easier to be done in R. Taking advantage of the functions provided by JAGS, rjags and R2WinBUGS, R2jags allows users to run BUGS in the same way as they would do […]

Recent changes in arm (arm > 1.1-8)

There are some changes in arm. Most of them are related to the big changes lme4 has made. If your arm version number is > arm_1.1.8, then you might want to read the followings (or if you are a reader of Data Analysis Using Regression and Multilevel/Hierarchical Models, you should read this):

A trick to speed up R matrix calculation

This is another example of why defaults matter a lot.

I got an email of Evan Cooch forward by Matt, saying that there exists a trick to speed up R matrix caculation. He found that if we replace the default Rblas.dll in R with the proper one. It can boost R’s speed in doing matrix caculation.

The file is here (This file only works under Windows). For Mac and Linux users, see here.