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Several postdoc, research fellow, and doctoral student positions in Aalto/Helsinki, Finland

This job ad is by Aki

Aalto University, University of Helsinki, and Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence have a great probabilistic modeling community, and we’re looking for several postdocs, research fellows and doctoral students with topics including a lot of Bayesian statistics.

I’m looking for a postodc and doctoral student to work on Bayesian workflow and a postodc to work on AI assisted modeling.

Other Bayesian flavored topics (I’m involved also in some of these) are

  • AI-assisted design and decisions: from foundations to practice
  • AI-assisted design of experiments and interventions
  • Advanced user models
  • Virtual atmospheric laboratory
  • Variable selection with missing data with applications to genetics
  • Bayesian machine learning for sensing
  • Deep learning with differential equations
  • Deep generative modeling for precision medicine and future clinical trials
  • Probabilistic modelling and Bayesian machine learning
  • Physics-inspired geometric deep representation learning for drug design
  • Probabilistic modelling for collaborative human-in-the-loop design
  • Machine Learning for Health
  • Statistical Genetics and Machine Learning
  • Bayesian machine learning and differential privacy

More information about the topics and how to apply

And here’s a photo of Finnish summer at 11pm +25C A summer sunset 11pm in Finland


  1. I was a visiting doctoral student at Aalto University during the summer (2019), interning with Aki. The focus of our research was coupling Hamiltonian Monte Carlo with an embedded Laplace approximation and this is still on-going and exciting research.

    I have very found memories of my time in Helsinki. I had a gorgeous commute to the university which involved biking across three islands, spent plenty of time outdoors, and enjoyed going downtown on weekends – lot’s of great restaurants, cafes, museums and public spaces, and very bike friendly. A highlight of the trip was going up north and camping in the arctic circle with three of Aki’s students. I didn’t speak Finnish but found most people I encountered spoke very good English (if I were to go live there, I’d probably take classes to learn Finnish).

    All this to say I expect doing a PhD or post-doc at Aalto can be a very good experience.

  2. Eric Novik says:

    This is super-cool! I particularly like “Deep generative modeling for precision medicine and future clinical trials”. If you and your postdocs end up working on this problem, we would love to collaborate in some way as we have done some research in this area.

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