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Postdoc opportunity on Bayesian prediction for human-computer interfaces! In Stuttgart!

Paul “brms” Buerkner writes:

At the Cluster of Excellence SimTech in Stuttgart, Germany, we are currently looking for a fully funded PostDoc (2 years) to work on Bayesian Intent Prediction for Human-Machine Collaboration, among others supervised by me (Paul-Christian Bürkner).

The goal of this specific project is to contribute to the development of a new generation of human-computer interfaces that proactively adapt to users’ future actions by predicting their interaction intentions. Specifically, the project will formulate and study intent prediction in a fully Bayesian framework. This approach will not only enable future interfaces to quantify and adapt to the inherent uncertainty of the intent predictions themselves, but will also leverage this information to improve subsequent predictions of users’ actions.

One concrete application is helping to build a machine-assisted workflow for Bayesian model building, together with other researchers of my group in Stuttgart.

For more details about the position, please see here.

This sounds really cool. And Paul’s a great person to work with. And this is related to Bayesian workflow! You can’t go wrong with this one.

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