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Pittsburgh by Frank Santoro

Last year we discussed a silly study, and that lead us to this interesting blog by Chris Gavaler, which pointed me to a recent picture storybook, Pittsburgh, by Frank Santoro. The book was excellent. I don’t have any insights to share here; I just wanted to thank Santoro for writing the book and Gavaler for his thoughtful review.

P.S. Gavaler reviews Imbattable! His discussion is reasonable, but there’s something disorienting about seeing the words translated into English.


  1. Jukka says:

    That was… weird.

    Reminded me that I should finish my “innovative multimedia” literature project.

    I just hate writing JavaScript for this and any other purpose. Heck, I’d even do it in C++ if the Web’s client-side wouldn’t be so entangled for the bells and whistles.

    (I haven’t looked that closely, but exporting JavaScript from R/Stan/whatever is not really up to modern standards either…)

  2. Botekin says:

    The imprint for that comic, New York Review Comics, is attached to the New York Review of Books and is great. Like NYRB books, they release overlooked and out of print works from all over the world. You should check out some of their other releases. I especially like “The Man Without Talent.”

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