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Post-doc to work on developing Bayesian workflow tools

I (Aki) am looking for a post-doc to work on developing Bayesian workflow tools at Aalto University, Finland, and Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence, in collaboration with Andrew, Dan Simpson, Paul Bürkner, Lauren Kennedy, Måns Magnusson, Stan developers, ArviZ developers, and others.

The topic is related to many ideas discussed in Bayesian Workflow paper. You can also watch me talking about the key ideas for the research topic.

Strong background in Bayesian inference and some experience in programming is needed. You will co-supervise several doctoral students. Aalto and Helsinki region have a strong and active probabilistic modeling community, and you’ll work with many local collaborators, too. Possibility to spend time in NYC, Melbourne or Stuttgart. Flexible contract time.

Finland is the happiest country in the world. We pay quite well and the healthcare system is excellent.

You can find my contact information on my web page


  1. Andrew says:


    This sounds great. Our recent postdocs (for example, Lauren, Ben, Philip, and Lu) have been making lots of progress on interesting problems, and this is a great opportunity for research collaboration!

  2. Your “watch me talking about the key ideas for the research topic” was very nice overview – thanks.

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