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Postdoc position in Bayesian modeling for cancer

Wesley Tansey writes:

I’m recruiting a postdoc to join my lab at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center ( The role overlaps a lot with the interests of people on your blog. We’re specifically looking for people with experience in subset of the following:

– Bayesian hierarchical models
– Spatial statistical methods (e.g. Gaussian processes, trend filtering)
– Deep generative models
– Hypothesis testing
– Causal inference
– Sequential decision making (e.g. active learning, reinforcement learning)
– Scalable and efficient computation

Projects are all motivated by real problems in cancer:
– Spatial modeling of the tumor microenvironment from cellular imaging data
– Biomarker discovery and feature selection
– Adaptive experimental design for novel therapy discovery
– Causal inference from observational health records

Could be interesting!

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