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PhD student and postdoc positions in Norway for doing Bayesian causal inference using Stan!

Guido Biele writes:

I have two positions for a postdoc and PhD student open in a project where we will use observational data from Norwegian National registries, structural models (or the potential outcomes framework, the main thing is that we want to think systematically about identification), and Bayesian estimation in Stan to estimate causal effects of treatments for ADHD on school performance.

We are looking especially for candidates with a background in causal inference or more broadly statistics and probabilistic modeling. We do not require domain knowledge about ADHD and its treatment, which can be acquired on the job.

The positions are in Oslo, at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. Norwegian language skills are not required for the position.

Here is more information about the project:
And here is a link to the application form:

I think the project is especially interesting for people interested in applied statistics, and those who want to do Bayesian statistical modeling with large datasets.

Application deadline is already March 23rd.

Cool! If you’re interested in Bayesian causal inference, I recommend you start by working through this case study, “Model-based Inference for Causal Effects in Completely Randomized Experiments,” by Joon-Ho Lee, Avi Feller, and Sophia Rabe-Hesketh.

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  1. Anon says:

    The linked case study looks incredibly helpful. Thanks for sharing!

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