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The Mets are hiring

Des McGowan writes:

We are looking to hire multiple full time analysts/senior analysts to join the Baseball Analytics department at the New York Mets. The roles will involve building, testing, and presenting statistical models that inform decision-making in all facets of Baseball Operations. These positions require a strong background in complex statistics and data analytics, as well as the ability to communicate statistical model details and findings to both a technical and non-technical audience. Prior experience in or knowledge of baseball is not required.

Interested applicants should apply at this link and are welcome to reach out to me ( if they have any questions about the role.

Modeling, data analysis, computation, decision making, communication . . . all the good things.

If they offer you a job, my advice is to try to negotiate something like the contract they gave to Bobby Bonilla.


  1. Jonathan (another one) says:

    Not quite ALL the good things.

    “Prior experience in or knowledge of baseball is not required.”

    I know that they think that they will teach you baseball, but a true baseball tabula rasa, while unbiased, will have a pretty steep learning curve. In any case, though, as a Braves fan, this is exactly what I’d like to see the Mets do with Steve Cohen’s money.

    • Andrew says:


      I assume the mean no professional experience in baseball analytics. I can’t imagine that someone with no interest in baseball would even consider applying for such a job.

      • Jonathan (another one) says:

        That’s the great thing about Bayesians. You get to define what “prior” means.

      • gagan says:

        i have to say it is very refreshing to be continually reminded how someone of your stature (reflected by the uninvited solicitation) is extremely accessible, dr gelman.

        it comes as less of a surprise considering dr. roweis, the first non-parametric ‘pure breed’ borne from the tree of Hinton, Hopfield and MacKay, seemed to be one of your biggest fans and made himself similarly accessible to the community-at-large.

        of course i am sure you would both say those whom the community puts on the perch must necessarily be accessible in order for the field to thrive. i concur.

        but still.

        it’s a shame that this specific team poses a moral dilemma when it comes to whose money i would have to take.

        i’d rather get paid wilpon in madoff stock (post-2008) ;)

        i’d rather work for bloomberg (hopefully this line doesn’t get the post caught in the filter ;) )

        nice gig though.

  2. David Nadle says:

    > my advice is to try to negotiate something like the contract they gave to Bobby Bonilla.

    Very funny.

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