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Multivariate missing data software update

Ranjit Lall writes:

In 2018 you posted about some machine learning-based multiple imputation software I was developing that works particularly well with large and complex datasets. The software is now available as a package in both Python (MIDASpy) and R (rMIDAS), and a paper describing the underlying method was just published online in Political Analysis (gated and ungated).

I’m trying to generate some interest in the software and get a few more people to try it out, and I was wondering whether you might be willing to link to the paper (or to our GitHub page). I think the software would be of real interest to a lot of your followers (I’ve incorporated many of the features they requested following your blog post).

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  1. JB nz says:

    Thanks Ranjit (and Andrew); I’d not seen this, it looks great!

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