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Computation+Journalism 2021 this Friday

This post is by Jessica. Last year I was program chair for Computation+Journalism, a conference that brings together computer scientists and other researchers with journalists to brainstorm about the future of journalism. I spent a bunch of time organizing a program around the theme of uncertainty communication and then massive uncertainty due to covid-19 hit a few weeks before it was scheduled so we canceled it. 

But this Friday Feb 19 we’re back with the same program plus more, including:  

Keynote by Amanda Cox (editor at NYT Upshot), 10 am ET

Keynote by Deen Freelon (Assoc. Prof at UNC), 11:30 am ET

Keynote by David Rothschild (economist at Microsoft Research NYC), 3:30 pm ET

A panel on election forecasting and coverage with David Byler (WaPo), Micah Cohen (FiveThirtyEight), Natalie Jackson (PRRI), and Nick Diakopolous (Northwestern, moderator) 1:30 pm ET

A panel on visualizing data while acknowledging uncertainty with Jen Christiansen (SciAm), Catherine D’Ignazio (MIT), Albert Cairo (UMiami, moderator), and me 5pm ET

Plus contributed papers and sessions on computational social science and politics, algorithmic bias and fairness, uncertainty communication, data privacy, and reporting on covid, among others.

Register here (free), virtually hosted by Northeastern University.


  1. Carl says:

    This sounds amazing. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Jeff says:

    Holy cats, that last panel!

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