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They’re looking for Stan and R programmers, and they’re willing to pay.

Tom Vladeck writes:

I am one half of a company building a media mix model, primarily for online e-commerce brands. Our modeling is done in Stan, and we are looking to hire part time developers (paid, of course, at a real rate) to build and maintain our Stan models and R code. They can be any level so long as they are fairly comfortable with Stan, R, and advanced topics in statistics (e.g. Gaussian processes).

His email is, so if you’re looking for work, just contact him directly.

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  1. Gio Boff says:

    I’ve got a BA in Economics, and I’ve worked with R throughout my econometrics courses. I’ve held a position as a Data Analyst and I’m currently looking for another. I’m comfortable with R and advanced topics in statistics, I would love to work on maintaining models. You can reach me at 4255836953.

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