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Robin Pemantle’s updated bag of tricks for math teaching!

Here it is! He’s got the following two documents:

– Tips for Active Learning in the College Setting

– Tips for Active Learning in Teacher Prep or in the K-12 Setting

This is great stuff (see my earlier review here).

Every mathematician and math teacher in the universe should read this. So, if any of you happen to be well connected to the math world, please pass this along.


  1. Adede says:

    Tip #1: Don’t post your teaching materials in an obscure format like postscript. They will be difficult to read on a desktop and impossible to read on a phone/tablet.

  2. Eric Novik says:

    I love this from the section on dealing with “Free riders”:

    ”Adam – you’re just staring into space and letting the other three figure out the problem; if the problems aren’t challenging enough, then I can let you work faster in a group by yourself, but judging from your homework that’s not the issue.”

    Damn. I wonder if he had the guts to actually something like that.

  3. Kaiser says:

    Looks like he’s a fan of class discussion as well! For larger classes, I find that I need to use a scribe to record who said what so that the class participation can be graded fairly. Have anyone used student volunteers to be scribes? Any best practices?

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