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The Manager’s Path (book recommendation for new managers)

I (Bob) was visiting Matt Hoffman (of NUTS fame) at Google in California a few weeks ago, and he recommended the following book:

It’s ordered from being an employee, to being a tech lead, to managing a small team, to managing teams of teams, and I stopped there. The book focuses on your goals and responsibilities as a tech lead or tech manager and how to transition into that role from being a contributing software developer. Specifically, how to get over feeling like you’re not doing anything because you’re not writing code!

Lots of great insight for new managers. It’s very pragmatic and not annoying like a lot of these kinds of books.

Hopefully, this will translate into more effective decisions about Stan going forward, at least for issues in which I’m involved.

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  1. Bill Harris says:

    Bob, thanks for the recommendation! When I first became a manager, I found a book “designed for those who are told on Friday that they’re a manager on Monday” or something like that. It was published by the American Management Association, and, given the time frame, I’m pretty sure it was Loren Belker’s The First-Time Manager. I found it quite helpful at the time. There’s a 6th edition published in 2012. I agree that some books focused on this area do seem annoying.

    Given your description and my recollection, these books might complement each other.

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