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Awesome data visualization tool for brain research

When I was visiting the University of Washington the other day, Ariel Rokem showed me this cool data visualization and exploration tool produced by Jason Yeatman, Adam Richie-Halford, Josh Smith, and himself. The above image gives a sense of the dashboard but the real thing is much more impressive because it’s interactive. You can rotate that brain image.

And here’s a research paper describing what they did.


  1. Eric says:

    Those are really cool. Here is one you can play with online:

    Also, our friends and collaborators at the University of Marseille created a bunch of tools to model and visualize the propagation of epileptic seizures: (Stan under the hood!)

  2. Ariel Rokem says:

    Thanks for mentioning our work! I would like to add that Anisha Keshavan was also a collaborator on this work, and that it is now published as an (open access) paper at Nature Communications:

  3. Very cool visualization. This is the future.

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