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Judgment Under Uncertainty: Heuristics and Biases

There are some people I’ve never met who send me scientific papers to comment on for the blog. The other day one of these people sent me one of these: it was a published paper covering several topics on which I am an expert, and it seemed like it could be interesting but at the same time it made no sense to me.

So I wrote to the person who sent me the article:

Is this paper serious? Cos I don’t understand a single thing this guy is saying.

My correspondent sent back a link to the author’s webpage and the following assessment:

The author has a mustache, so I have my doubts.

Excellent use of heuristics.


  1. If I post my pic to Twitter in my swanky new gym outfit, you all gonna have your doubts too. LOL

  2. Zad Chow says:

    Would be interesting to at least see the paper

  3. Kyle C says:

    Threadjacking here, with apologies to Andrew, because it’s a lighthearted post with just a few comments.

    University of California San Diego created in fall 2017 the undergraduate Data Science major that, coincidentally, I was advocating for in comments at this blog around that time, and which some academic commenters assured me was impractical. It is co-sponsored by the Cognitive Science, Computer Science/Engineering, and Math departments. It is not currently considered an engineering major. They are completing their first academic year.

  4. Maybe we are being nudged to post some provocative question or comment.

  5. I suppose we can just make up a fake scientific study here on this blog. And see who takes bait.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Excellent? Not so sure. Mustache plus heuristics equals Gigerenzer.

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