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Hey—here’s the title of my talk for this year’s New York R conference


  1. Anoneuoid says:

    Usually I don’t go for such nitpicking but this one bothers me for some reason. It at once sounds like it has some extremely technical meaning and is nonsense slang. The term “Fuller Integration” sounds like the name for a type of integration named after an obscure person/town/process/etc, when you mean “More Complete Integration”. Is “fuller” even a word in the sense you are using it? If something is full, that means it has reached max capacity.

    On looking it up it seemed that “Fuller Integration” was the name for something relating to experimental theology (not sure what that is, but I wonder if they use NHST?).

  2. Andrew says:


    What I meant by the title is that graphics are currently somewhat integrated into statistical analysis, and I want this integration to be closer to full.

    Maybe I can just change the title to, Integration of Graphics in Statistical Analysis.

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