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Call for papers: Probabilistic Programming Languages, Semantics, and Systems (PPS 2018)

I’m on the program committee and they say they’re looking to broaden their horizons this year to include systems like Stan. The workshop is part of POPL, the big programming language theory conference. Here’s the official link

The submissions are two-page extended abstracts and the deadline is 17 October 2017; the workshop itself is in Los Angeles on 9 January 2018.

You can also see the program from last year. I would’ve liked to have seen Gordon Plotkin’s talk, but there aren’t even abstracts on line; I see that despite the hype surrounding comp sci, he’s still modestly titling his contributions “Towards …”.

The workshop is the day before StanCon starts in Monterey (up the coast). That’s cutting it too close for me, so I won’t be at the workshop. I do hope to see you at


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  1. The PPS 2017 abstracts (or most of them) are online:
    Plotkin’s abstract is missing, though.

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