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I love when I get these emails!

On Jan 27, 2017, at 12:24 PM, ** <**.**@**.com> wrote:

Hi Andrew,

I hope you are well. I work for ** and we are looking to chat to someone who knows about Freud – I read that you used to be an expert in Freud? Is that correct?

Background here.


  1. Maz says:

    Andrew used to be a Freud expert before he repressed all that knowledge.

  2. Jeff Lax says:

    Tell him, “You must be thinking of my mom.”

  3. Adam says:

    This person must have read the title but not the content of the blog post you link! Because ‘i read that you used to be a Freud expert’. It’s only going to get worse from here

  4. Gene Callahan says:

    Why would they want someone who *used* to know about Freud?!

  5. jrkrideau says:

    You might want to pass them on to

    The author is a real Freud fan, well so to speak.

    • Andrew says:


      From the linked post: “He collected (hoarded) archeological statues. . . . It’s now considered reprehensible.”


      • jrkrideau says:

        Talk to any archaeologist or museum curator and they will tell you about it, at length.

        Stolen (hoarded) relics means one loses a tremendous amount of information about the past. If an article is found in situ it can be related to adjacent articles, properly dated and so on.

        If you get an article on the black market all you have is a pretty object to display (discretely in many cases)

        I’am trying to think of an example. Okay, let’s say someone in a trench coat and asks if you want to buy chariot from ancient Eygpt. You say yes and proudly display it.

        The problem is that it was King Tut’s chariot and if found in situ would supply all kinds of information on the technical level of the time, perhaps let experts make some good guesses about military techniques and so on.

        Perhaps an equivalent would be someone handing you a data base on the presence of radon in housing but having striped out all the location data. You might be able to guess that the data came from the Northern USA, or would that be Southern Canada?

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