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The Las Vegas Odds

Kevin Lewis suggests the above name for pro football’s newest team, after hearing that “The NFL is letting the Oakland Raiders move to Las Vegas, a move once nearly unthinkable due to its opposition to sports gambling.”

Is there anyone good at graphic design who’d like to design a logo? I’m not sure what images would work here. Maybe a couple of dice, some betting slips, . . . ?


  1. Anonymous says:

    “Maybe a couple of dice”

    LV = Las Vegas
    LV = 55 in roman numerals

    So, 2 dice with the number 5 could be a nice graphic perhaps (which are also 2 odd numbers which fits with the “odds” part of “the Las Vegas Odds”)

    If they would be named that, and if they would use a graphic design with 2 dice with the number 5 on it, what would be the odds of “The Las Vegas Odds” winning Superbowl LV (55) in 2021 ?

  2. Dzhaughn says:

    { 2n + 1 | n in I }

  3. Jason says:

    Take the Patriots Logo, replace face with Fermat or Pascal

  4. Alex says:

    Back when the Houston Oilers moved to Tennessee I thought the new team name should be the Authority, referring to the Valley Authority. They could have had a cool logo involving a wall or dam and built a reputation on defense. Alas, they went with Titans.

  5. numeric says:

    I would suggest something related to organized crime–maybe the Las Vegas Bugsies.

  6. A hummingfern says:

    I wonder what if the fella with his face covered in Raiders themed tattoos finds this potential name change amusing.

  7. Keith O'Rourke says:

    Las Vegas Vicers – with a n-sided dice with various vices depicted on each face (including mobsters on one.)

  8. D.O. says:

    Las Vegas Raiders is already funny enough.

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