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Never say die

Adam Levine, Jake Bowers, and Don Green write that they are launching a new website to facilitate research collaborations with NGOs and government agencies:

New online matchmaking platform for research collaborations

Today we’re announcing an exciting new opportunity for researchers interested in partnering with people from government and/or the nonprofit sector.

Research4impact is a new online matchmaking platform that makes it easy for people from the academic, nonprofit, and governance spaces to find potential collaborators and answer shared research questions. Think of it as a cross between LinkedIn and

Through Research4Impact, you can contact folks you might conduct research with or simply those you’d like to brainstorm with — and also tap a Board of Matchmakers who can help grease the wheels and make direct introductions.

Collaborations can take many forms, such as analyzing existing data, collecting new data, and/or brainstorming about a shared topic. They can leverage and implement field experiments, surveys, interviews, existing administrative and organizational data, archival work, text, and so on.

Using research4Impact is easy (and free) — check out “How it works” for brief details about how to sign up.


  1. Why is this post titled “Never say day”? Is this a reference to previous efforts by the same team? If so, do you have links?

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