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Stan 2.14 released for R and Python; fixes bug with sampler

Stan 2.14 is out and it fixes the sampler bug in Stan versions 2.10 through 2.13.

Critical update

It’s critical to update to Stan 2.14. See:

The other interfaces will update when you udpate CmdStan.

The process

After Michael Betancourt diagnosed the bug, it didn’t take long for him to generate a test statistic so we can test this going forward, then submit a pull request for the patch and new test. I code reviewed that and made sure a clean check out did the right thing and then we merged. We had a few other fixes in, including one from Mitzi Morris that completed the compound declare define feature. Then Mitzi and Daniel built the releases for the Stan math library, the core Stan C++ library, and then Daniel built the release for CmdStan. After that, Ben Goodrich and Jiqiang Guo worked on updating RStan and Allen Riddell worked through pile of issues for PyStan, and both were released.

Stan Con coming soon!

Over 100 people have registered for the first

It’s at Columbia University in New York on

  • 21 January 2017

Andrew Gelman and Michael Betancourt will be speaking, along with nine submitted talks and a closing Q&A panel. Most of the rest of us from Columbia will be there and I believe other dev team members are coming in for the event. There will be courses the two days before.

Hope to see you in New York!


  1. Shravan says:

    There was some kind of bug in the Mac OS X install through the RStudio command line. I had to restart RStudio manually before I installed. Otherwise I get stuck in a loop where RStudio keeps asking me if it should restart and never gets out of it. But it installed OK once I restarted RStudio.

  2. Shravan says:

    [Paging the linguist in Bob] Can one say ‘I code reviewed that”?

  3. Rahul says:

    Off topic question: Who designed the Stan logo?

  4. Could be an RStudio bug. I keep getting these problems while installing other packages via RStudio too. willing to use it and gain the knowledge as much as i can.

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