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Handy Statistical Lexicon — in Japanese!

So, one day I get this email from Kentaro Matsuura:

Dear Professor Andrew Gelman,

I’m a Japanese Stan user and write a blog to promote Stan.
(and translator of

I believe your post on “Handy statistical lexicon (” is so great that I’d like to translate and spread the post in my blog. Could I do that?


Wow, how cool is that? Of course I said yes, please do it.

A week later Kentaro wrote to ask for a favor:

Could I change some terms slightly so that Japanese could have more familiarity? For example, there is no “self-cleaning oven” in Japan, but there is “self-cleaning air conditioner”.

I had no idea.

And here it is!


  1. Rahul says:

    Funnily, I can’t recall any psych-crap papers out of Japan. Do they not play the game of p-hacking & publishing iffy, sensational Psych results?

    Which are the Amy-Cuddy-papers out of Japan?

  2. Shravan says:

    I looked over the Japanese quickly, the translations look OK. I would advise him to put the original English term in brackets (say at the end of the explanation of each term), as all academics in Japan (who are the likely audience) are likely to be able to read English.

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