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Hey—go to Iceland and work on glaciers!

Egil Ferkingstad and Birgir Hrafnkelsson write:

We have an exciting PhD position here at the University of Iceland on developing Bayesian hierarchical spatio-temporal models to the field of glaciology. Havard Rue at NTNU, Trondheim and Chris Wikle at the University of Missouri will also be part of the project.

The Department of Mathematics at the University of Iceland (UI) seeks applicants for a fully funded 3 year PhD position for the project Statistical Models for Glaciology.

The student will develop Bayesian hierarchical spatio-temporal models to the field of glaciology, working with a consortium of experts at the University of Iceland, the University of Missouri and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. The key people in the consortium are Prof. Birgir Hrafnkelsson at UI, Prof. Chris Wikle, and Prof. HÃ¥vard Rue, experts in spatial statistics and Bayesian computation. Another key person is Prof. Gudfinna Adalgeirsdottir at UI, an expect in glaciology. The Glaciology group at UI possesses extensive data and knowledge about the Icelandic glaciers.

The application deadline is February 29, 2016.

Detailed project description:

Job ad with information on how to apply:

It’s a good day for cold research positions.


  1. Dan Simpson says:

    Oh to be able to spend three years in Reykjavik.

    Not to mention just how great Birgir (who is singlehandedly bringing Bayes to Iceland) and Egil are. I know a little about the project, and someone’s going to get an amazing PhD out of it

    To the extent that I talk to young people (and I don’t. I’m told that I scare them), I would recommend this unconditionally.

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