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Matlab/Octave and Python demos for BDA3

My Bayesian Data Analysis course at Aalto University started today with a record number of 84 registered students!

In my course I have used some Matlab/Octave demos for several years. This summer Tuomas Sivula translated most of them to Python and Python notebook.

Both Matlab/Octave and Python demos are now available at Github in hope they are helpful for someone else, too. Python notebooks can also be viewed directly at Github with pre-generated figures displayed next to the code.

Matlab/Octave demos
Python demos



  1. Andrew says:

    Hey, that’s not fair—I only have 25 students registered for my BDA class! Maybe I need to mix in some Matlab and Octave . . .

  2. Arno Solin says:

    Nice work going through the trouble of porting them to Python! I had not noticed the built-in support of iPython notebooks in Github, and that truly makes it easy to go through the demos.

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