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Postdoc in psychometrics in Cardiff

Richard Morey writes:

I have a PhD position available at Cardiff University that I was hoping you might be able to publicise on your blog. It is for UK/EU students, and the project is negotiable but should be methods or statistical cognition. Here’s the link:


  1. Andrew Whalen says:

    This looks like an offer for a PHD studentship and not a Postdoc. Maybe change the title?

    • Rahul says:

      As an aside, is my impression correct that postdoc positions rarely come with nationality restrictions (“only for UK/EU students”) the way PhD positions do?

    • Keith O'Rourke says:

      Yes – these might seem unusual outside the the UK.

      I had one at Oxford, the salary was 27,000 pounds but I had to pay 50% of tuition.

      It sounds strange to be paid to do a Phd and it can be a real good deal.

      One thing to be careful about is what department the Phd will be submitted to and the departments the supervisor, examiners and employer will be from.

      In my case the Phd was done in the Statistics department with the supervisor and examiners from the same but the employer was from what would be called here the biostatistics department. Unfortunately to pass the Phd I had to largely ignore the interests of the employer to satisfy the examiners and this lead to some real dissatisfaction.

      • Christoph N. says:

        In Germany, you can expect to be paid for doing a PhD. It’s like a regular job for the most part. Well, you most of the time only get paid 50% or 65% (at least in psychology, field makes a difference) of what a research assistant with a Diplom (former 5 year university education model in Germany)/Master’s would get for full-time work. There’s collective contracts for people who work at the university.

        • thom says:

          Funded UK PhDs come with a tax-free stipend to cover living costs etc. and this will usually also pay the standard tuition fee for UK students (and EU students because UK universities are not allowed to discriminate against EU students). Overseas students who are not from the EU (and possibly a few other non-EU countries with special agreements) are charged higher tuition fees – so Kevin’s tuition cost would probably have been the difference in the overseas and UK/EU rates. The tax-free stipend allows students to earn some extra money from teaching and is (in my estimation) not that different from what a full-time research assistant would take home after taxes.

          However, many students are unfunded (and pay full tuition) and some are fees-only.

  2. jrkrideau says:

    Wells since the ad at the link says “PhD studentship in exploring and expanding statistical methods and their applications” my uneducated guess is that is a studentship. :)

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