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On deck this month

As discussed last month, for the next two months we’ll be interspersing regular blog posts with seminar-speaker-bracket showdowns.

So we’ll be having a double dose of posts. Don’t forget to comment on the seminar showdowns!

And here goes:

Deciding the ultimate seminar speaker: The rules

Plato (1) vs. Henny Youngman

The plagiarist next door

Mark Twain (4) vs. L. Ron Hubbard

Why I keep talking about “generalizing from sample to population”

James Joyce (3) vs. Mary Baker Eddy

Statistical analysis recapitulates the development of statistical methods

Mohammad (2) vs. Ed McMahon

How a clever analysis of health survey data became transformed into bogus feel-good medical advice

Miguel de Cervantes (2) vs. Joan Crawford

Sorry, but I’m with Richard Ford on this one

Henry David Thoreau (3) vs. Charles Manson

Discussion with Steven Pinker connecting cognitive psychology research to the difficulties of writing

Marcel Duchamp (4) vs. Thomas Kinkade

In search of the elusive loop of plagiarism

Albert Camus (1) vs. Bruno Latour

When the evidence is unclear

Leonardo da Vinci (1) vs. The guy who did Piss Christ

Two Unrecognized Hall Of Fame Shortstops

Claude Levi-Strauss (4) vs. Raymond Aron

Two Unrecognized Hall Of Fame Statisticians

Ed Wood (3) vs. Phyllis Schlafly

What’s the most important thing in statistics that’s not in the textbooks?

Alan Turing (2) vs. Yoko Ono

“Peer assessment enhances student learning”

Simone de Beauvoir (2) vs. Raymond Carver

James Watson sez: Cancer cure is coming in minus 14 years!

Chris Rock (3) vs. Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Bayesian survival analysis with horseshoe priors—in Stan!

Larry David (4) vs. Thomas Hobbes

VB-Stan: Black-box black-box variational Bayes

Jesus (1) vs. Leo Tolstoy

Another example of why centering predictors can be good idea

Mohandas Gandhi (1) vs. Stanley Kubrick

Statistical Significance – Significant Problem?

Mother Teresa (4) vs. Sun Myung Moon

Bayes and doomsday

Vincent van Gogh (3) vs. Grandma Moses

“Academics should be made accountable for exaggerations in press releases about their own work”

Philip K. Dick (2) vs. Jean Baudrillard

“When more data steer us wrong: replications with the wrong dependent measure perpetuate erroneous conclusions”

Martin Luther King (2) vs. Sigmund Freud

“A small but growing collection of studies suggest X” . . . huh?

Aristotle (3) vs. Stewart Lee

The axes are labeled but I don’t know what the dots represent.

Abraham (4) vs. Jane Austen

In criticism of criticism of criticism

Richard Pryor (1) vs. Karl Popper

“The harm done by tests of significance” (article from 1994 in the journal, “Accident Analysis and Prevention”)

William Shakespeare (1) vs. Karl Marx

Forget about pdf: this looks much better, it makes all my own papers look like kids’ crayon drawings by comparison

Friedrich Nietzsche (4) vs. Alan Bennett

Time-release pedagogy??

Buddha (3) vs. John Updike

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