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Postdoc opportunity here, with us (Jennifer Hill, Marc Scott, and me)! On quantitative education research!!

Hop the Q-TRAIN: that is, the Quantitative Training Program, a postdoctoral research program supervised by Jennifer Hill, Marc Scott, and myself, and funded by the Institute for Education Sciences.

As many of you are aware, education research is both important and challenging. And, on the technical level, we’re working on problems in Bayesian inference, multilevel modeling, survey research, and causal inference.

There are various ways that you can contribute as a postdoc: You can have a PhD in psychometrics or education research, and this is your chance to go in depth with statistical inference and computation, or maybe you can do all sorts of Bayesian computation and you’d like to move into education research. We’re looking for top people to join our team.

If you’re interested, send me an email with a letter describing your qualifications and reason for applying, a C.V., and at least one article you’ve written, and have three letters of recommendation sent to me. All three of us (Jennifer, Marc, and I) will evaluate the applications.

We have openings for two 2-year postdocs. As per federal government regulations, candidates must be United States citizens or permanent residents.


  1. Dan Wright says:

    I look forward to hearing about the research you do on this!

  2. Jegar says:

    Hundreds of statisticians who would have been perfect for this job just got really excited. Then got crushed at the final line.

    • Rahul says:

      +1. That’s not an uncommon line, but I wish people would start declaring it right at the start.

      Or even better, in the title itself: “Postdoc opportunity exclusively for Americans”

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