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Some art so far

In response to my request #1 (“Gone Fishing” T-shirt), Ed Witt sent in this:


I thanked Ed and asked if it would be possible to take the image and add to it so it’s clear that the “.05” is being drawn from a sea of other numbers, also with a little bucket next to the fisherman with some successful .04, .01, .03, etc. Or would this get too crowded?

Ed replied:

It’s doable. I think as a cartoon or illustration it would be fine. If it’s going on a t-shirt it might be too crowded. However, there are other ways you could simplify. For instance, you could make it two dimensional and have just a silhouette of the fisherman and the boat above the water and then have a bunch of other numbers below the surface. The closest I can think of to this is the DreamWorks logo, if you’ve seen that before ( The silhouette approach is more effective for t-shirts anyway, as the less detail their is, the easier it is to see what the image is from far away and it works about the same on a number of different background colors (and is cheaper to screen print in some instances). I could replicate the image in whatever color you want (black, white) to fit the proper background color. I’m assuming these are all going on t-shirts, right?

A few hours later he sent me this:


Along with the following comments:

Here’s kind of an idea of what I [Ed] mean with the silhouette. This would show up rather nicely on a shirt (more so than the previous picture). You could change the color as well to white to fit on other backgrounds (like a black shirt). I’ve included one with a white background and one with no background. I also tried to change the sizes of the “fish” to be comparable to what he might be fishing for (i.e., those closer to .05 are bigger). I can always add more fish and change their angles/orientations to make them look more unique. Also, this design lends itself nicely to text (e.g., “teach the controversy”) if that’s what you want to do. Let me know what you think.


And, the rest of you: don’t forget requests #2, 3, 4, and 5!


  1. Eric says:

    Add a shoreline with a catch and release sign. Throw back p>=0.05.

  2. Keith O'Rourke says:

    Perhaps have the p_values close to surface all smallish and then uniform (mixed) deeper down but with pockets of consistently small ones and sinkers on the boat labelled as preregistered and a caption I’d rather like most of my colleagues use shallow bait.

  3. Scott says:

    The silhouette, definitely. Don’t add anything; keep it simple, and subtle. Can’t wait to order mine.

  4. It’s super easy to create a t-shirt and add it to the Stan shop if you want to release them that way. Daniel and Michael were working on a Euro version (we haven’t forgotten you, Shravan).

    We’d need Ed’s permission to sell it. And we’d have to decide on size and layout and color (you can do light on dark or vice-versa or both).

    We currently make about $2/shirt on the Stan store after taxes, which having sold 25 or so, has netted us a whopping US$ 50 or so. About halfway to a team lunch at Dinosaur BBQ. We could start charging more, but I haven’t estimated the elasticity of demand; I’d rather charge less if people would buy more of them.

  5. Mike says:

    Only sort of on-topic…

    There was a researcher named Drew
    Whose thesis was looking askew
    so he switched his DV
    found a point-oh-five p
    And declared, “my thesis is true!”

  6. Dan says:

    Here is a similar fishing cartoon in a paper by Spiegelhalter

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