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Your closest collaborator . . . and why you can’t talk with her

We get a lot of good comments on this blog but this one’s especially memorable. From Erin Jonaitis:

Your closest collaborator is you six months ago but you don’t reply to email.


  1. zbicyclist says:

    Yes, this is a great comment.

    It’s a bit less true than it used to be. Comprehensive search software on PCs can find things in a way that that file drawers full of manila folders were useless for. (not to mention the era of ambiguously labeled floppy disks).

    Due to a hand tremor, I find it difficult to read my handwritten notes after a few weeks have passed, so I’ve gotten in the habit of typing up the notes. This turns out to be a great boon to finding your thoughts later — along with the fact that in the process of lazy typing I do some editing.

    Still, I’d love to collaborate with the person I was at 25. I’d also like to yell at him to hurry up and just finish the darned dissertation already.

  2. Erin Jonaitis says:

    I can’t take the credit for this hilarious observation, which belongs to Karl Broman, a former professor of mine who teaches a great course on Tools for Reproducible Research. Shame on me if I didn’t credit him before!

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