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My talk with David Schiminovich this Wed noon: “The Birth of the Universe and the Fate of the Earth: One Trillion UV Photons Meet Stan”

This talk will have two parts. (1) Astronomy professor David Schiminovich will discuss the ways in which recent large-scale sky surveys that include billions of data points can address questions such as, What will happen to the Earth and other planets when the Sun becomes a white dwarf? (2) Statistics professor Andrew Gelman will discuss some open research questions involved with Stan, an open-source C++ program that performs Bayesian inference using state-of-the-art methods in statistics and computing. Schiminovich and Gelman will discuss how we plan to develop scalable computing ideas in Stan to fit big models to big data in astronomy. This is research suitable for statistics Ph.D. theses, and we are looking for one or more Ph.D. students in statistics to work on this and related projects on scalable modeling and computing.

Wed 10 Sept 2014, 12-1pm in the Statistics Department large seminar room (Social Work Bldg room 903, Columbia University).

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