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What happened to the world we knew?

I was unlocking my bike, with music turned on low, and a couple of high school kids were lounging around nearby. One of them walked over and asked, « Qui est-ce qui chante? ». I responded, “Stevie Wonder” (not trying any accent on this one). The kid said, « Ees good ».


  1. Does this mean you are one of those guys who rides around aimlessly with a radio bungee-corded to the back of his bike, playing 1990s soul?

  2. Andrew says:


    Sometimes I listen to podcasts. Also, I wasn’t quite riding around “aimlessly”; I was stopping at the library at the way back from work. On the other hand, one reason to stop at the library was to get CDs that I could put on my music player so I’d have something to listen to while riding around aimlessly. Finally, my sound system is bungeed to the handlebars, not the back of the bike (see P.P.S. in linked post) and its radio doesn’t really work.

  3. Martin says:

    Sí, Steve wonder tiene buena música
    Yeah, Steve wonder has good songs

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