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Visualization, “big data”, and EDA

Dean Eckles writes:

Given your ongoing discussion of info viz for different goals, you might be interested in Sinan Aral’s new article:

This touches on several info viz themes:
– Viz for yourself (or your team) vs. visualizations to share the final conclusions
– Viz for identifying promising features for use in modeling
– Viz and statistical significance, especially when the data has plenty of dependence structure

Also, these cascade visualizations are perhaps worth comparing with some of very large cascades on Facebook made by my colleagues Alex Dow, Lada Adamic, and Adrien Friggeri.

I like those graphs but on the international maps I would make the country boundaries thinner and I would get rid of Greenland and Antarctica, they’re distracting.

(I think that’s what Bob would call a “bike shed” comment.)


  1. jimmy says:

    what is a bike shed comment?

  2. Dean Eckles says:

    I also wondered what a bike shed comment is. I found this:

    It does seem to apply in this case, especially since it is about the maps, rather than the visualization of the cascades structures.