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Harmonic convergence

Diederik Stapel gives a Ted talk.

Sometimes, reality truly is a parody of reality.


  1. DB says:

    Ex-gang members sometimes give autobiographical talks, and I think it’s valuable for them to speak to other people in conditions similar to those they were in when they lost their way and to policy-makers who might think about altering those conditions. My sense, though, is that Stapel’s worldview is still tilted towards solipsism. His goal in this talk doesn’t strike me as drawing attention to himself as an abject lesson for others who might be tempted — though I found his claim that his social isolation made his antisocial behavior easier to be plausible and perhaps valuable — but to tell a story of redemption and new beginnings. On that point, I’d much rather listen to a ex-gang member than an ex-academic.

  2. Andrew says:


    Yeah . . . but, beyond all that, it’s just too funny that it’s a Ted talk, of all things.

  3. Nick says:

    There’s a big difference between TED and TEDx. The TED people have felt it necessary to issue warnings to TEDx organisers about quality:

  4. sd says:

    @Nick: not really a big difference in quality, inpite of what the TED people might say. TED doesnt seem to evaluate its own content for “bad science” so its funny they have their panties in a bunch over TEDx