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My course this fall on l’analyse bayésienne de données

X marks the spot. I’ll post the slides soon (not just for the students in my class; these should be helpful for anyone teaching Bayesian data analysis from our book). But I don’t think you’ll get much from reading the slides alone; you’ll get more out of the book (or, of course, from taking the class).


  1. Louis says:

    In French? That would be quite a feat.

    Also, X spots the mark
    (some guilty pleasure)

    • Andrew says:

      The book and the slides are in English. Just for fun I’ll try do do some of the teaching in French, but realistically you’ll have to expect the course to be nearly entirely in English.

  2. Tom says:

    Do you have any details on how one could register as an auditeur libre, or will any of the lectures be web-cast? Will this course (or extracts from it) be given anywhere else (is it a European tour)?

  3. Diego says:

    Professor Gelman, will you be offering this course in the Stats department or in the QMSS program?

  4. zbicyclist says:

    “our book” — so the new edition is out?