Job opening at new “big data” consulting firm!

David Shor sends along a job announcement for Civis Analytics, which he describes as “basically Obama’s Analytics team reconstituted as a company”:

Data Scientist
Position Overview

Data Scientists are responsible for providing the fundamental data science that powers our work – including predictive analytics, data mining, experimental design and ad-hoc statistical analysis. As a Data Scientist, you will join our Chicago-based data science team, working closely and collaboratively with analysts and engineers to identify, quantify and solve big, meaningful problems. Data Scientists will have the opportunity to dive deeply into big problems and work in a variety of areas. Civis Analytics has opportunities for applicants who are seasoned professionals, brilliant new comers, and anywhere in between.


· Master’s degree in statistics, machine learning, computer science with heavy quant focus, a related subject, or a Bachelor’s degree and significant work experience

· An ability and eagerness to constantly learn and teach others

· Experience using applied statistics or machine learning in a professional or other intensive problem-solving environment with large, complex datasets

· Expertise in R, STATA, or other statistical packages

· Experience identifying and adapting to imperfect data

Preferred Qualifications

· PhD in statistics, computer science, or a related subject

· Expert ability to identify and adapt to imperfect data

· Significant work experience in statistical modeling, machine learning,

· Comfort with programming

I didn’t see anything about “Bayesian” but I suppose that’s implicit . . .

P.S. If a reconstituted Romney Analytics team is hiring, let me know and I’ll post that ad too.

6 thoughts on “Job opening at new “big data” consulting firm!

  1. > P.S. If a reconstituted Romney Analytics team is hiring, let me know and I’ll post that ad too.

    I’d apply for a job with them purely for the entertainment value of going through the interview process;-) The downside risk would be wasting a day or two of my life that I’d never get back. The upside comic potential – stories you could tell your grandchildren – seems huge.

  2. The label “Obama’s Analytics team” caught my attention, and I was going to apply. Most of their staff don’t have a degree even close to statistics.

    I would see why the commenter above said “HR department has binders full of women”.

  3. Hi Andrew . . . not sure about Romney’s team, but Evolving Strategies is looking for sharp folks who lean right:

    Evolving Strategies is a political communications research firm specializing in randomized controlled experiments in the “lab” and in the “field.” ES is bringing a scientific revolution to free-market/conservative politics.

    We are looking for people who are obsessive about getting things right and creative in their work. A ideal candidate will have a deep understanding of the academic literature in their field, highly developed skills, a commitment to academic rigor, but an intuitive understanding of practical political concerns and objectives as well.

    We’re looking for new talent to help with our fast-growing portfolio in these areas:
    High-level data processing, statistical analysis and modeling
    Experimental design and execution

    Helpful skills and experience include:
    Experience designing and implementing social science experiments, online “lab” and “field.”
    Extensive experience in statistical analysis and mastery of statistics software (R, Stata, etc.).
    Extensive experience analyzing experimental and/or large datasets.
    Extensive knowledge of academic research on political behavior/psychology.
    Experience with or serious interest and knowledge of practical political activities; campaigns, issue-advocacy, etc.
    Advanced degree (M.A., M.S., or Ph.D) in quantitative social sciences is preferred but not required with sufficient demonstration of skill and experience.

    If interested, please send a C.V./resume and short cover-letter regarding:
    Relevant skills and background
    Interest in part-time consulting or full-time employment
    Maximum hours per week available (indicate general availability and willingness to work longer hours on a short-term basis)
    Hourly pay expectation or expected salary

    Please send all questions and relevant materials to: [email protected]

    Evolving Strategies is an equal opportunity employer located in Northern Virginia. Working remotely is possible for all part time consulting and some salaried positions. Salary is commensurate with experience.

  4. @Mike, why do they need to have stats degrees? Political Scientists (especially at the graduate level) have lots of statistics training that’s especially pertinent to political questions.

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