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Foundation for Open Access Statistics

Now here’s a foundation I (Bob) can get behind:

Foundation for Open Access Statistics (FOAS)

Their mission is to “promote free software, open access publishing, and reproducible research in statistics.” To me, that’s like supporting motherhood and apple pie!

FOAS spun out of and is partially designed to support the Journal of Statistical Software (aka JSS, aka JStatSoft). I adore JSS because it (a) is open access, (b) publishes systems papers on statistical software, (c) has fast reviewing turnaround times, and (d) is free for authors and readers. One of the next items on my to-do list is to write up the Stan modeling language and submit it to JSS.

As a not-for-profit with no visible source of income, they are quite sensibly asking for donations (don’t complain — it beats $3K author fees or not being able to read papers).


  1. Andrew says:

    I think we can all get behind apple pie, but as you can see from the previous thread, not everyone supports motherhood!