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My talk in Chicago this Thurs 6:30pm

Choices in Visualizing Data

This time, it’s not at the university, it’s at a data science meetup. Here are the slides.

I actually prefer the term “statistical graphics” or “visualizing quantitative information” rather than “visualizing data.” I spend a lot of time graphing inferences and fitted models, understanding my fits and doing exploratory model analysis. Graphs aren’t just for raw data.

P.S. Mike Stringer, who prepared the blurb for my talk at the above link, wrote that ARM “has the most understandable description of causal inference I’ve ever read.” I appreciate the compliment, but, to be fair, Jennifer deserves most of the credit for the causal chapters of that book.


  1. Robin Morris says:

    I love the typo on slide two. “infofiz”

  2. Dan Meges says:

    Regular reader… thanks for blogging… although at times the discussion surpasses my knowledge base…

    small typo on slide 20 “research” is misspelled