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“Proposition and experiment”

Anna Lena Phillips writes:

I. Many people will not, of their own accord, look at a poem.

II. Millions of people will, of their own accord, spend lots and lots of time looking at photographs of cats.

III. Therefore, earlier this year, I concluded that the best strategy for increasing the number of viewers for poems would be to print them on top of photographs of cats.

IV. I happen to like looking at both poems and cats.

V. So this is, for me, a win-win situation.

VI. Fortunately, my own cat is a patient model, and (if I am to be believed) quite photogenic.

VII. The aforementioned cat is Tisko Tansi, small hero.

VII. Thus I present to you (albeit in digital rather than physical form) an Endearments broadside, featuring a poem that originally appeared in BlazeVOX spring 2011.

VIII. If you want to share a copy of this image, please ask first. If you want a real copy, you can ask about that too.

She follows up with an image of a cat, on which is superimposed a short anagrammatic poem. In deference to item VIII above, I will not reproduce the image; it is here.


  1. Fran says:

    Wait until she finds out about porn…

  2. Hilary says:

    Reminds me of Hilary Mason’s recent post that talks should include one kitten per equation:

  3. […] See here referenced a project to elevate the dialogue by placing poems on cat pictures, because people seem more likely to read and enjoy words when accompanied by cats. This keen grasp of the medium then immediately fails: VIII. If you want to share a copy of this image, please ask first. […]