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The spam just gets weirder and weirder

In the inbox today, under the header, “Hidden Costs behind Milk & Dairy Consumption (video)”:

Hey Professor Gelman,

Our site’s production team recently released a short video uncovering the local and global impact that milk has on our lives.

After spending some time on your posts, I noticed you talked about dairy products and milk so I thought I’d email you. Are you the correct person to contact in regards to the content on the site?

If so, let me know if you’re interested in checking out the video.

Emily S.

Hmmm . . . I guess I do talk a lot about dairy products and milk on this site!


  1. Well, what are the hidden costs?!?!?

  2. LemmusLemmus says:

    They don’t call you Andrew Milkman for no reason.

  3. Fernando says:

    Might Big Data have something to do with this?

  4. Bill says:

    Daisy-an statistics?

  5. Andrew does talk about milk a surprising amount. Nearly 200 hits according to Google query [milk]. About the same number as for butter.

    Does Andrew have a dairy fetish?

    No, it turns out he talks about everything a lot. Coke has roughly the same number of hits (didn’t check if any were cocaine).

    On the other hand, only 8 hits for brandy (some of them related to names), but 400 for wine.

    I’m disappointed that Earl Weaver gets over 100 hits, but Sparky Anderson has zero.

    • Frequentist Psychologists says:

      Hi Andrew:

      We notice you talk a lot about p-values (1,390) but our sentiment analysis also shows you are deeply distraught by them. Not surprisingly you also talk a lot about drugs (834).

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  6. The belief is strong that this might come to the aid of satisfying the cravings of the not so secret p-value envy of Bayesians who occasionally let it slip that, deep down “A Bayesian Wants Everybody Else to be a Non-Bayesian!” (See Deconstructing Gelman:

    • Frequentist Psychologists says:

      @Freq. in exile

      I think you just uncovered a classic “The Bayesian of Seville” paradox.

      Bertrand Russell would be proud.

      Gelman needs to call 1800-HELPBAYES now!

      • Frequentists in Exile says:

        Freq Psychs:
        Hurry! (first minute free): Alpha Confidence (type 1 & 2) live phone chat: 1900 LUV-PVAL!

        • Frequentist Psychologists says:

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          • Frequentists in Exile says:

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  7. turtle of doom says:

    I recently got a spam mail from a Mechanical Engineering graduate. He’s from China, he has studied in Switzerland, and asked me about an internship in my “firm”.


    I’m an epidemiologist and don’t have a firm of any sort.

  8. zbicyclist says:

    Good to see you aren’t easily cowed by cheesy spammers!

  9. I see you’re milking it for all its worth.

  10. Tom says:

    I’m guessing that this cheesy humour could go on until the cows come home