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Workshop on science communication for graduate students

Nathan Sanders writes:

Applications are now open for the Communicating Science 2013 workshop (, to be held in Cambridge, MA on June 13-15th, 2013. Graduate students at US institutions in all fields of science and engineering are encouraged to apply – funding is available for travel expenses and accommodations.

The application can be found here:

Participants will build the communication skills that technical professionals need to express complex ideas to their peers, experts in other fields, and the general public. There will be panel discussions on the following topics:

* Engaging Non-Scientific Audiences
* Science Writing for a Cause
* Communicating Science Through Fiction
* Sharing Science with Scientists
* The World of Non-Academic Publishing
* Communicating using Multimedia and the Web

In addition to these discussions, ample time is allotted for interacting with the experts and with attendees from throughout the country to develop new science outreach collaborations. Workshop participants will produce an original piece of science writing and receive feedback from workshop attendees and professional science communicators. 50 graduate students in total will be selected to attend the workshop.

The workshop is organized by graduate student authors of Astrobites ( and Chembites ( and supported by Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

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  1. Pengfei says:

    Do you know if there are similar conferences or workshops for college teaching faculty?