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My upcoming talk for the data visualization meetup

Somebody asked me to speak sometime at a data visualization meetup. I think I spoke there a year or two ago but I could do it again. Last time I spoke on Infovis vs Statistical Graphics, this time I could just go thru the choices involved in a few zillion graphs I’ve published over the years, to give a sense of the options and choices involved in graphical communication. For this talk there would be no single theme (except, perhaps, my usual “Graphs as comparisons,” “All of statistics as comparisons,” and “Exploratory data analysis as hypothesis testing”), just a bunch of open discussion about what I tried, why I tried it, what worked and what didn’t work, etc. I’ve discussed these sorts of decisions on occasion (and am now writing a paper with Yair about some of this for our voting models), but I’ve never tried to make a talk out of it before. Could be fun.

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  1. Zach says:

    Do you have a link/further info about the meetup? Thanks!