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Huff the Magic Dragon

Upon reading this, Susan remarked, “Don’t you think it’s interesting that a guy who promotes smoking has a last name of ‘Huff’? Reminds me of the Dennis/Dentist studies.”

Good point.

P.S. As discussed in the linked thread, the great statistician R. A. Fisher was notorious for minimizing the risks of smoking. How does this connect to Fisher’s name, one might ask?


  1. Jake says:

    Speaking of the Dennis/Dentist studies, have you read the Uri Simohnson’s recent methodological critiques of the implicit egotism work? I’d be curious what your thoughts are about it all.

    Simonsohn, U. (2011). Spurious? Name Similarity Effects (Implicit Egotism) in Marriage, Job,
    and Moving Decisions. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

  2. MAYO says:

    Fisher critiqued the smoking studies too.