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ESPN is looking to hire a research analyst

This is somebody’s dream job, I’m sure . . .

ESPN is looking for a statistician to join the HR department as a Research Analyst. The job will consist of analytical research and producing statistics about the people that work at ESPN. Topics of interest will include productivity, efficiency, and retention of employees, among other items. In addition to data mining and producing reports, we also field surveys and analyze results.

The position is located at the headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut, the same campus where nearly all ESPN shows are produced. ESPN is a Disney company, so discounts and free admission to Disney parks are available for employees. Flexible work arrangements are available, along with working in the New York City office part-time if desired.

The role is a relatively new function and will have a high impact very quickly on helping the business function. Statistical software, text books, and any other resource needed to get the job done will be provided.

The link for the application is below. Any interested candidates with questions can contact or the recruiter


  1. Enayetur Raheem says:

    Out of curiosity I visited the page and found under the preferred qualifications:

    “Knowledge of HR system platforms (i.e. e-learning, hiring management, compensation planning etc.) as well as ESPN’s business processes, career paths and position qualifications preferred”

    .. just wondering if/how does a statistics graduate acquire such qualifications.

    • jrkrideau says:

      Check the list of acceptable degrees “Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Finance, Statistics, I/O Psychology, or other social science discipline with extensive quantitative coursework”

      My bet would be that what they would want is a MBA with an HR concentration or MA in I/O Psych, both with the required quantitative coursework. I doubt you’d find the skill set a a BA level unless the applicant had a lot of work experience.

      The statement “Experience in advanced Microsoft Excel is a must.” is a bit scary.