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Pushback against internet self-help gurus

Having been annoyed for awhile at those in-your-face internet gurus such as Seth Godin, Clay Shirky, Philip Greenspun, Jeff Jarvis, I was happy to come across this bit of Godin-bashing from Tom Slee. I’m sure Godin has some valuable insights, but I hate that in-your-face style, and I’m glad to see someone go to the trouble of pointing out all the nonsensical bits.


  1. Adam says:

    I don’t think it’s fair to lump Clay Shirky in with that category–he’s much more intellectual and much less in your face.

    The only exception I can think of is the kind of aggressive piece he wrote about how his female students were selling themselves short by not promoting themselves, or something.

  2. Jonathan says:

    I really enjoy James Altucher, but he seems to qualify for this as well (admitting I posted one of his articles today and my friends loved it.)

    For those of you not familiar:

  3. Rahul says:

    Oh boy, I feel so ignorant because none of those names rings a bell. Sigh.

  4. Adam Pearce says:

    From the post two years ago,

    > a lot of people (for example, Helen DeWitt!) seem to like their style

    is pretty funny in light of ‘lighting rods’

  5. Tauqueer says:

    Clay Shirky doesn’t belong to this list. Replace him with Nicholas Carr please!!

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